Research Collaboration and Partnerships

Research Collaboration and Partnerships

COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: Please note that Macquarie University's Research Services remains OPEN and the Research Partnerships Managers will continue to support new and existing partnerships, adhering to all public safety measures in place. Please check University and Government announcements for latest updates as these may affect the feasibility of some research.

Macquarie dementia researchers

Impactful innovation through joint partnership

Our rapidly changing world requires real solutions to big and complex challenges—from fighting back against dementia and motor neuron disease to setting society-shaping policies and making groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

We see the big picture and have the expertise to make a difference. Our collaborative partnerships are vital in finding multifaceted solutions to the intricate problems we face.


Work collaboratively to
solve problems

Provide our expertise,
insights, inventions
and facilities

Extract value to
achieve your
organisations objectives

Access to MQ
researchers, students
and facilities

Facilitate mutually
beneficial innovation

Help push the
boundaries of research

Expertise and knowledge

Our partnerships provide access to our research expertise, capabilities and knowledge which will help you gain competitive insights and advantages. You will also be able to use our world-class facilities and benefit from joint funding opportunities.

Consultancy and training

We can also provide a range of consultancy services, including program evaluation, training, analysis and testing, and expert witness services.

Intellectual property (IP)

To facilitate the efficient and timely transfer of our research to industry, government and the community, download our IP guiding principles (pdf, 512kb).

Partnership types

Depending on your research needs, we’re able to undertake the following partnerships:


  • Research is determined together and funding is contributed by both parties.


  • Research agenda is set and funded by your organisation.

Financial support

We offer a generous Enterprise Partnership Scheme to encourage research engagement with commercial, government and philanthropic organisations, which could help fund your first pilot research project with the University.

The following government grant programs provide attractive leveraging opportunities for eligible research partner organisations.

Grant programs

By partnering with Macquarie, your organisation may also be eligible to participate in a range of industry sector specific research and innovation financial support schemes.

Contact us

Our team can help you navigate the partnership process from making initial contact and exploring opportunities to negotiating and reaching an agreement.

If you are unsure which research partnership team member to approach, email

Daniel Johnston

Faculty of Arts

Daniel Johnston
Research Partnerships Manager

Future shaping research priorities: Modes of Communication;
Societal Transformation; Ethics, Governance  & Justice

T: +61 (2) 9850 7577


Macquarie Business School

Helena Hurley
Research Partnerships Manager

Future shaping research priorities: Applied Finance; Corporate Sustainability &
Environmental Finance; Risk Analytics; Workforce Futures; Health Economics

T: +61 (2) 9850 1309


Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

Kevin Cryan
Research Partnerships Manager

Future shaping research priorities:  Aging; Cancer;  Cardiovascular Disease;
Clinical Sciences; Deafness & Hearing Sciences; Elite Performance & Expertise;
Emotional Health; Health Services & Systems; Language Sciences; Multilingualism 
& Applied Linguistics: Neurosciences; Reading 

M: +61 (0)418 115 774


Faculty of Science and Engineering

Matthew Bevin
Research Partnerships Manager

Future shaping research priorities: Secure Planet, Innovative Technologies

T: +61 (2) 9850 4475

Download our research impact brochure (pdf, 5mb) to learn more about our achievements in research.

Find an expert—search our researcher portal to learn more about our researchers, their outcomes and achievements.

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